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EMH is go-anywhere solution for providing aid to vitims stuck by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms etc. The Mobile Hospital could be delivered to any part of the world (including inaccessible areas) in a couple of hours via helicopter, by road or be transported on a larger scale by ship, providing emergency medical attention to those in need.
EMH are the best solution where speed, budget and limited or temporarily available space are issues. It is cost effective, customizable, lighweight, flexbile and sturdy.
It provide state-of-the art, complete expandable pre-fabricated hospitals for fraction of the cost of conventional construction. Our prefabricated hospitals are medically certified and designed for commercial duty and rapid deplyment anywhere in the world.
EMH also makes sense financially as it allows businesses and governement organizations to control cash flows and avoid costly building projects, Its also useful during times of growth where the future or economic climate is uncertain and long term capital commitments maybe premature. It is reusable, so they're very enviromentally friendly.
EMH provides immediate, affordable solutions to the need for modern, self-sustaining surgical and medical centers for rural communities, disaster relief, population relocations, hospital expansions and remodels, military healthcare, and humanitarian aid.
During an earthquake - or disaster it will become a portable headquarters where the Defence Team is able to co-ordinate essential emergency services.
It helps especially trained teams to provide life support to the people. Mobile Hospitals are useful for disaster relief and civil application.
They also hold great significance in the field of military. Our mobile hospitals can be provided with,
  • Portable hot air sterilizer
  • Ventilators
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • X-Ray Monitors
  • ECG Machine
  • Fully Equipped Surgery Bed
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Dialysis Machine
  • Sonography Machine
  • Oxigen Generators
  • Blood Transfuntion
  • Operating Tables & Scialytic Lamp
  • Ceiling Pendants & Suction Apparatus
  • Diathermy Machines
  • Anaesthetic Machines & Ventilators
  • Laproscopy & Endoscopy Systems
  • Transport Size 6700 x 2900 x 2700
    Eppanded Size 6100 x 7700 x 2700
    Weight 5500 kgs
    Unloading System Motorised Screw Jack (With Manual Overide)
    Solar Power System 2 KW with Invertor Power Backup
    Silent Genset 1 KW Diesel Powered/td>
    Water Storage 500 Liters Tank
    Main Structure Channels, Angles, Formed Section
    Cladding Material Aluminium Composite Sheet
    Folding Panels Pipe Framed with Aluminium Composite Sheet
    Insulation Material 40Kgs Densite Polyrethane Foam
    Flooring Aluminium Chequered Shee
    Folding Beds Pipe Frame Aluminium Sheet Folding Drawers
    Storage Aluminium Framed Racks and Drawers
    Ramp Chequered Sheet
    Electrical System 230 Volt Single Phase
    Lightings Led Lights
    Painting Epoxy Primer and Polyurethane Paint

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